solar powered cap with mini fan 1

Need some cooling off in the hot sun on a really hot day? Here’s a solar-powered cap that comes with a built-in miniature fan that’s gonna help cool you off in hot weather.

solar powered cap with mini fan 2

solar powered cap with mini fan 3

Not only does the cap help to block the strong rays from the sun away from your face, the miniature fan will add a bit more to the cooling effect by helping to evaporate sweat when it’s switched on.

Using solar power to make the fan run helps to make things simple so that batteries will not be needed. Just in case you still need the fan in a shady spot or somewhere with weak sunlight, the cap can also run on cell batteries so it’ll still work fine even without the presence of solar power.


  • Dual Power Solar Fan Sports Cap
  • Dual Power Supply: Cell battery, Solar power
  • Fan works without Cell battery
  • Shadow Place: Switch ON to use the Cell battery
  • Sunlight Area: Switch OFF to use the Solar power
  • Effective and Flexible to use the energy
  • Solar Panel size: 5.0 x 3.8 cm

The dual powered solar-powered cap with mini fan goes for $15 at Brando Gadgets.