solar-powered electronic flapping butterfly

Where have the beautiful butterflies gone to whenever you look out of the window? If you want to always want to see a butterfly every time you look out of the window into the garden and not have to wait for them to appear, there’s an artificial method to do that.

This solar-powered electronic flapping butterfly will do just that job. Whenever the sun shines on it, this electronic butterfly will flap its wings wherever it is placed, be it on a flower, the fence, on the windowsill or right on your table. Sometimes its always nice to see something moving in the garden like a flapping butterfly just to take the stillness out of the scene.

Since the electronic flapping butterfly is solar-powered, there is no need to worry about batteries running out and it will continue to flap as long the sun is always shining. On some occasions, it can even attract real butterflies to your garden, making it more lively and colorful on a nice sunny day.

The solar-powered electronic flapping butterfly retails for $9.99 on Amazon.