solar-powered guitar tuner

For eco-friendly enthusiasts who are also guitar players, this is a solar-powered guitar tuner that should replace all other electronic tuning devices in your arsenal.

The Tascom TC-1S is a solar-powered guitar tuner, which helps to ensure that your guitars are tuned without harming the environment through the usage of disposable batteries.

Considering the fact that guitars do not need tuning every other minute, solar power does indeed look like a wise choice of power source for a personal guitar tuner.

The guitar tuner comes with a handy carabiner so by attaching it to a gig bag the solar-powered tuner will most probably have picked up enough sunlight while being transported about for its internal battery to get charged and be ready for a tuning session. As for rainy and gloomy days, do not ‘fret’ as the tuner is equipped with a USB port for charging just in case.