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Walking is something natural for humans to do. What if by just walking, you can make use that spent energy for something useful too? The SolePower is one such device that turns the energy from walking into energy that powers up your mobile phone.

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The SolePower is a power-generating device built into a sole insert that converts energy from walking into usable electrical energy. It is able to capture energy during the phases in walking during the swing of the foot and when the foot impacts the ground. The system then stores the energy into a rechargeable battery which then can be used to recharge portable devices such as smartphones.

There are many forms of power-generating options such as hand-crank generators, but the difference with SolePower is that the energy collection is passive, meaning you can go about your daily routine and have extra battery power without any changes to your habits.

Based on their prototype, walking between 2.5-5 miles will provide enough juice to fully charge an iPhone.

The SolePower will be useful for outdoor activities like hiking, which will provide additional or backup battery power for portable electronics not only for leisure but also for survival. One innovative alternative to charging up your devices that also encourages a healthy lifestyle. Also great for eco-minded people who prefer to use clean energy to power their devices.

For more information, check out SolePower on its Kickstarter page.