single serving fondue mugs

When we think of fondue, it’s usually a group of people having over a pot or large bowl. However here’s one fondue mug good for one person and one person only.

The fondue mug from the top looks just like any other mug, except that it comes with an opening at the bottom of the mug for inserting a source of heat, like a tea light. This keeps the fondue warm and helps to keep it smooth and creamy. Now you can enjoy fondue practically anywhere you can hold a mug, like in front of the TV or right in front of the computer.

The mugs come with dipping forks, which allow you to pick up food for dipping into the fondue. While the mugs are specially made for fondue, it should do a good job for keeping creamy soup warm too.

A set of fondue mugs that makes fondue much easier to enjoy more often.

The single-person fondue mugs come in a set of 2 mugs and 4 forks and retails for $14.99 from Amazon.