Sony Ericsson has come up with a line of scented handphones for its DoCoMo SO703i model. These mobile phones not only come in attractive and pleasant colours, they have a range of 11 scents that can be used interchangeably via replaceable scented strips that are inserted into the phones.

Sony Ericsson SO703i 1

Sony Ericsson SO703i 2

The phones are packed with pretty standard features available on most Japanese carrier models such as chaku-uta, GPS and mobile wallet. Not available anywhere else yet, except Japan.

Sony’s designers have designed this phone to allow the user to relax while making calls. Why do you need to relax while making a phone call? Yup, its him on the phone again, the bespectacled guy who punctuates the end of every sentence with an ultra-annoying snorting gaffaw. You’re supposed to be polite to him, if you’re in Japan that is.

Product Page (Japanese)