sony cp-a2las usb hand cranked external charger 1

Need to charge your gadgets urgently with no power outlets and external batteries available? Use your arm power then. That is possible with this USB hand-cranked external battery charger from Sony. Not only can you do a part for the environment by not drawing any power from the grid, you can also work off some of that extra energy.

sony cp-a2las usb hand cranked external charger 2

This external battery cum USB charger is by no means a first of its kind, but from a brand like Sony it should come with a standard of quality assurance. This particular model, the Sony CP-A2LAS USB charger comes with 4,000mAh worth of battery capacity, so on average it’ll be able charge a smartphone twice on a full charge.

However, turning kinetic energy into electrical energy using human power isn’t really that efficient though. Three minutes worth of cranking on this external USB charger will provide only one minute of talk-time. Too little on average, but good enough for an urgent or emergency phone call especially during a crisis such as a natural disaster where power has been cut off.

Besides the hand-cranked function, the CP-A2LAS can also be charged-up using the usual method of plugging it into an electrical outlet, thereby making it suitable for everyday use as well in addition to its ability to serve as a means of backup power.

The Sony CP-A2LAS hand-cranked USB charger is slated for a 20 June 2012 release in Japan at a price of about 8,000 yen.