SlashGear has reported that Sony will start shipping its first OLED TV in December. Contrast ratio for the TV is an astounding 1,000,000:1 ratio.


The Sony XEL-1 OLED TV weighs in at 2kg an displays at a resolution of up to 960×540 . It uses a HDMI connector for input and also has Ethernet and USB connections. The TV tuner also supports both analog and digital broadcasts.

Compared to LCD, OLED is a newer form of technology to display images and video. OLED also has an organic layer that emits light, thus requiring no backlight. Advantages of OLED over LCD include:

  • greater brightness
  • faster response time for full motion video (100 to 1000 times as fast as LCDs)
  • fuller viewing angles, almost up to 180°
  • lighter weight
  • greater environmental durability (e.g. lesser concussion sensitivity)
  • more power efficiency
  • broader operating temperature range
  • greater cost-effectiveness

With so many advantages over LCD technology, OLED is definitely the way to go for panels. There will definitely be more manufacturers racing to produce OLED screens already, so you might wanna hold on to your piggy bank for just a bit right now.

Sources: SlashGear, Fraunhofer