bbq bruce hanging bbq set 1

If you live in an apartment, it is near to impossible to use a traditional barbecue grill in the house. Here’s one way to get a small BBQ going if you have a balcony with this handrail BBQ grill.

bbq bruce hanging bbq set 2

Instead of using a stand, this BBQ grill called the ‘BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill’ makes use of brackets to allow it to hang from a horizontal position from a handrail. With this, hosting a small BBQ party is possible and since only a small space is needed, it will fit nicely on a handrail even on a small balcony.

All that is needed is to secure the hanging BBQ grill to the handrail with the brackets and mounts provided, and you’re off to grill up a storm. Since the brackets can be removed, after the BBQ session is done the entire set can be disassembled and kept for storage until the next party.

bbq bruce hanging bbq set 3

The brackets also allow for the grill to be wall-mounted as well, which makes for even more possibilities for places where it can be used, even right in the kitchen as long you have good ventilation or an exhaust system.

A clever way to BBQ using a space-saving solution.

The BBQ handrail grill retails for £59 from Connox.