spaghetti measuring book 1

There many forms of spaghetti measuring tools and gadgets out there, but some not quite like this. Here’s one spaghetti measuring tool that comes in a book and can measure out many portions of spaghetti too.

spaghetti measuring book 2

This spaghetti measuring book comes with pages, and each page is made with a hole in the middle that is made for measuring the amount of spaghetti for different amount on servings. The picture on each page though, looks pretty funny as it is simply a face with a mouth opening that gets larger and larger according to the serving amount, which is capable of measuring 1,2, and 4 servings of spaghetti.

A funny and cute looking spaghetti measuring tool that comes with a funny twist. Perfect as a housewarming gift.

The spaghetti measuring book retails for $8 from Urban Outfitters.