sparrow key ring with birdhouse 1

Here’s neat little contraption for storing keys in the house. This sparrow key ring set containing a key ring and a ‘birdhouse’ by QUALY lets one attach keys at the bottom of the keychain that is made to look like a sparrow. When one leaves the house, the sparrow can be taken out of its birdhouse into the pocket or bag and after returning home, the sparrow and keys can be placed back into the birdhouse for storage.

sparrow key ring with birdhouse 2

This is quite a clever contraption for the home, one of those gadgets that help to keep keys in place instead of them getting thrown around somewhere and getting lost in the house in the process. An additional feature is that the sparrow also works as a whistle which can be used in the event of an emergency outdoors. The simplistic and cute design also makes it fit the décor of a modern home.

Another useful thing about this sparrow key ring is that a set can be bought for every member of the household and when placed together it makes it easy to find out who is in the house at any moment in time by just taking a glance to see which sparrow is currently in their birdhouse.

The QUALY sparrow key ring with birdhouse is sold for 1050 yen at D-Forme.