speaker blanket 1

Want to liven up a picnic with a bit of music? You can switch on your media players and try to blast its tiny speakers, but there’s only so much they can do. Here’s one picnic blanket that not only gives you a nice place to place food and sit on outdoors, but also comes with speakers that you can plug into an audio source to play music.

speaker blanket 2

speaker blanket 3

The speaker blanket can be used as a picnic sheet just likes any other, except that it has the ability to play music through it. Speakers are built and attached to the side of the blanket. It runs on an AA battery, so it will be able to amplify the audio that comes from a smartphone or MP3 player and pump it through the speakers.

With music filling the space around the blanket, it will surely make an outdoor picnic more fun. Depending on your music selection, you’ll be able to change the atmosphere from a lively to a purely romantic one and vice-versa.

An interesting blanket that comes with a convenient built-in speaker.

The Speaker Blanket retails for £34.99 from Spinning Hat.