spider podium gadget stand 1

Having electronics like mobile phones portable gaming consoles lying around on a table can spell disaster especially when drinks are spilled on the table. Therefore owning a gadget stand will prevent water from entering the gadgets in the event of an accidental spillage of beverages.

spider podium gadget stand 2

spider podium gadget stand 3

Just like a spider, this spider podium gadget stand comes with eight flexible legs which can be configured in any way to hold gadgets. Any number of legs can be configured to act as the feet and any number for the hands, so practically any form of portable gadgetry such as an iPhone or PSP can be laid on the spider podium.

Besides acting as a protective stand against spillage, the stand can also be used primarily as a stand for viewing videos either in landscape or portrait mode thanks to its versatility. An interesting and useful design for a stand that can be made to fit a wide variety of gadgets from mobile phones to digital cameras.

spider podium gadget stand 4

Just in case your gadget happens to come with a cable, the base of the stand also comes with a slot to allow the cable to pass through for charging and data connectivity.

Also, if a free ‘spider leg’ is available, it can be used to hold stuff like rolls of tape and even a bunch of keys making it a truly multipurpose desktop accessory. The spider podium gadget stand is available in 2 colors, white and black and goes for 2,980 yen each at Geek Stuff 4 U.