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Food presentation plays a significant part in the enjoyment of a dish and meal. Here’s one way to quickly and easily create food spirals out of fruit and vegetables for use as garnish.

spiralfix spiral food cutter 2

spiralfix spiral food cutter 3

The SpiralFix is a hand-crank food cutter that creates thin, beautiful spirals from vegetables like carrots or cucumbers. Not only is it an easy way to create spirals for garnishing, it also makes it suitable for use in salads.

What is needed is to fit the fruit or vegetable in it, give it a crank and out comes thin beautiful spirals out from the bottom and can be dropped onto a dish directly. A container is also included and can be fit at the bottom to hold the spirals if needed.

A safe and useful way to create spirals out of different food.

The SpiralFix spiral food cutter retails for $78.49 from Amazon.