splash spoon ladle rest 1

The ladle is one common utensil in the kitchen  for cooking soups and stocks, but there are times when we can annoyed by the dripping caused when we carry it in and out of the pot for stirring, and of course with it covered in sauce of soup, we don’t want to put it directly on the countertop when not in use.

splash spoon ladle rest 2

Here’s a ladle rest that’s made for such a purpose, and it is made to contain liquid dripping from a ladle when it left to rest on it.

The design of this ladle rest comes in the the look of a water splash caught in time. In the middle is where the ladle can rest, so there’s no need to find another place for it to rest on while the soup’s cooking.

A beautiful and useful kitchen gadget that will help to keep the kitchen clean and hygenic.

The Splash ladle rest retails for $15 from Amazon.