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Need a light in the dark? The SpotLit LED light is one that will fit many needs. If you want yourself or someone else to be visible at night, the SpotLit will be useful for that.

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spotlit carabiner led light 3

The SpotLit is an LED light that comes with a carabiner. With it, you can use it and attach it to something that you want to be visible at night. If you want your fellow hiking mates and yourself to be visible in the dark, simply clip the SpotLit to your backpack and it will give off a light for you to easily spot your friends in the dark.

The SpotLit comes in two different modes, solid light or a flashing mode, where the latter can be used for attracting attention in the event of an emergency.

In other situations such as daily life, you can also use it as a keychain and it will be useful it for finding things in the dark around the house or outdoors. Also great for attaching to the collar of your pet so you can spot it easily at night outdoors.

The SpotLit Carabiner LED light retails for $6.60 from Amazon.