squish flat watering can 1

Watering cans are known to be big and bulky, but most of the time there’s nothing that can be done except to find a large area to store it when not in use.

squish flat watering can 2

squish flat watering can 3

Here’s one watering can called ‘Squish’ that comes with a flexible bladder, allowing it to change its shape according to the amount of water it holds. The spout and the handle are designed such that when the bladder is empty, the whole watering can is able to lay flat on one side and stay flat in that way for storage. Also, the spout can be adjusted to extend or fold back for a smaller footprint.

A useful and space-saving design for watering cans that are usually bulky in size.

More info on the Squish flat watering can at Quirky.