white squishy rilakkuma donut cellphone charm 1

This is one cellphone charm, also known as a mobile phone strap that one can’t miss. A tasty donut made into the shape of Rilakkuma.

white squishy rilakkuma donut cellphone charm 2

This Rilakkuma donut, comes with a donut hole, and besides coming in the shape of Rilakkuma, it comes with a smooth white chocolate coating and rainbow sprinkles over its surface. All of this definitely looks and sounds tasty, but it just can’t be eaten. The only similarity it has, perhaps will have to be its texture, as it comes in a squishy feel that will remind you of a donut or a soft sponge cake.

Definitely one cellphone charm that is sure to make you drool and crave for a real Rilakkuma-shaped donut whenever you look at it.

The squishy white Rilakkuma donut cellphone charm retails for $5.13 from Amazon.