rocket ship tea infuser 1

Want to have some tea that’s out of this world? Not literally, but having some tea made from this rocket ship tea infuser may very well sound just a little close to that.

rocket ship tea infuser 2

rocket ship tea infuser 3

This is a stainless steel tea infuser shaped like a rocket ship which allows loose tea to put put inside and for dropping into a mug of hot water for brewing tea. Depending on the amount of tea needed, the portion can be adjusted for brewing a single cup or for a pot of tea.

The rocket can be popped opened to fill the infuser with leaves and then closed securely with metal tabs after it has been filled up. A metal clip keeps the rocket ship connected to the side of a cup or the pot so the rocket tea infuser can be easily fished out when the tea has reached the desired concentration for a nice serving of tea that is almost out of this world.

The stainless steel rocket tea infuser retails for $9.99 from Amazon.