stand men cute smartphone stand 1

Here’s one cool-looking and cute smartphone stand that does the job of propping up one’s mobile phone for watching videos or simply for standing in an upright position.

stand men cute smartphone stand 2

stand men-cute smartphone stand 3

Shaped like a little man, the Stand Men smartphone stand is a friend that will use his strength to keep your smartphone standing up at an angle for your viewing pleasure. Unlike many smartphone stands that merely look like inanimate objects, the Smart Men come bundled with personality, as they are shaped in the form of a little helper that offers you all that convenience while desiring nothing in return.

Each Stand Men comes with a suction cup at the base of his palms, which can then be attached to smooth surfaces such as the back of mobile phones for making them stand at an angle either in portrait or landscape orientation.

One cute little mobile phone stand that will add a touch of cuteness to your set of phone accessories.

The Stand Men cute smartphone stand comes in 2 designs, black, and white and retails for 500 yen from Strapya-World.