star wars japanese towels

Love both Star Wars and everything Japanese? These cool Star Wars Japanese towels will surely captivate your heart. Having both C-3PO and R2-D2 posing under a sakura tree during spring is surely a rare sight. An even more interesting scene will be Yoda and Darth Vader squaring off on the waves along a cliff.

These beautiful traditional Japanese artwork on towels infused with fictional Star Wars characters will surely find their unique place in a Star Wars fan’s collection.

They are available in 16 designs and here are some cool looking ones:


r2-d2 japanese towel

Death Star

death star japanese-towel

C-3PO and R2-D2 under the Sakura Tree

c-3PO and r2-d2 purple sakura japanese towel

Darth Vader vs Yoda

darth vader vs yoda japanese towel

Imperial Stormtroopers

imperial stormtroopers japanese towel

The limited edition Star Wars Japanese towels are created from a traditional Japanese dyeing method called NASEN and each design retails for 1480 yen at Strapya-World.