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Need a wall lamp but do not want to create holes on the wall just to accommodate it? Here’s one wall lamp that will fit that need just right, a sticky lamp that sticks on a wall as it provides light.

sticky lamp wall lamp 2

sticky lamp wall lamp 3

The Sticky Lamp is a lamp that is made not for hanging, but meant to be stuck on sideways on a flat vertical surface like a wall. With a sticky pad on one side, it lets the lamp literally be stuck on the wall and be put in place without the use of power tools.

Usually if there is a need to get a wall mounted lamp, one would have to take out the power drill, make a few holes and set up mounts and brackets for it, but there isn’t a need with this lamp. The sticky pad on the lamp will keep it in place and also allow you to position it on a wall or even on the window or the side of a cabinet according to your needs.

Since it doesn’t come in a traditional or conventional look, there isn’t a need to place it in a conventional spot or measure it to sit right in the middle equally between two corners. Freedom is definitely the style that comes with this lamp.

A cool-looking lamp that is not only useful but also great for a room with a casual style.

The Sticky Lamp retails for €26.50 from Connox.