sticky note table 1

Sticky notes is one of those inventions that has made life easier and convenient for many of us> need to remind ourselves of something related to an object? Simply stick a sticky note right on it to remind ourselves about it later. Here’s one giant sticky note that doesn’t just exist as a pad of sticky notes, but is made into a table.

sticky note table 2

sticky note table 3

This sticky note table comes with a table top that isn’t made of a solid surface like wood, glass or metal. Instead the tabletop is a giant sticky pad itself! I guess this design allows one to create gigantic memos or sketches that can be detached and stuck elsewhere or lets one scribble and doodle on right on the table as they please. Whenever a new and clean table is desired, the topmost sticky note can be detached and easily disposed of.

However where this sticky note is strong against dirt and stains, it is still weak against water. A ban on placing drinks and wet items on this sticky note table is definitely a necessary measure.