Motion sensing technology isn’t really that new in the tech industry, as we have seen with the Logitec Air Mouse and the interactive gaming webcam. We have also witnessed the popularity of Nintendo Wii and the legions of gamers hooked on to this new form of interaction just this year alone. Therefore, the PC version of the Wii-Mote controller has been conceived for pc gamers.

Stix game controller

Just like the Wii-mote, the Stix controller tracks users’ movement which in turn controls the characters or interactive motions in the game. GoLive2, the company behind the line of gaming hardware, has since unveiled three versions of the controller, that either tracks movement in 2-D or in 3-D.

Games for the Stix have also been produced for the Stix gaming controller ranging from adventure to sports. The company has also revealed that there will be more online titles available in the future.

Stix product page via Kotaku