giant rubik's cube chest of drawers

Rubik’s cube is the toy that you spin around trying to get the same color of squares each side in order to solve the puzzle. Here’s one chest of drawers that every Rubik’s cube fan will want to have for their home.

making of giant rubik's cube chest of drawers 1

making of giant rubik's cube chest of drawers 2

Made to look like a giant Rubik’s cube by Instructables member makendo, this chest of drawers, thankfully or disappointingly, depending on the way you see it does not need to be solved every time there’s a need to store or retrieve stuff.

Watch the video of the Rubik’s cube chest of drawers in action below:



The giant Rubik’s cube comes with three compartments which are basically three empty drawers stacked on top of one another and made to be able to spin horizontally on a central axis similar to that of a Rubik’s cube. The only limitation is obviously its ability to rotate vertically just like the original puzzle toy.

The colored wooden panels that cover the surface can be detached rearranged in any way to represent a solved or unsolved Rubik’s cube, making it perfect for matching the color and theme of a room.

If you want to make one such chest of drawers in the design of this iconic puzzle toy for yourself, check out this tutorial to find out how to get started.