music-card-mp3-player 1

Now this is definitely an MP3 player that fits in your wallet, the Strapya Music Card MP3 player is shaped like a common credit card in every aspect except that it comes with a 5mm width.

music-card-mp3-player 2

Packed into this Japanese-made credit-card size MP3 player is a 2.5mm earphone jack, meaning most of the common 3.5mm earphones can’t be used unless you use the adaptor included in the package.

music-card-mp3-player 3

The Music Card MP3 player also comes with 2GB worth of memory compatible with both WMA and MP3 formats from both MAC and Windows PC.

music-card-mp3-player 4

Here comes the best part: The music player’s internal battery boasts a running time that lasts up to 15 hours before it needs a recharge, which is pretty awesome for an MP3 player this size. Most probably in “ideal” conditions though, we never know for sure until someone takes it for a trial run.

music-card-mp3-player 5

Six varieties are available: cassette tape, chocolate, credit card, strawberry chocolate, vintage camera, white chocolate. $26.70, Strapya World.


Strapya World Music Card Player