Street Fighter II Mousou voice command keychain Ryu Blanka and Sagat

Many of us will remember the moves of the good old classic Street Fighter II characters such as Ryu, Guile, Chun-li and Sagat. For grown-up gamers who still want to relive those moments, it can now be done with these Mousou Street Fighter II voice command keychains.


Each keychain comes in the form of a two-button controller with d-pad that allows you to input the special moves of your character and when the correct move is registered, it produces the sound effect in correspondence to that fighter. Imagine the quick thrill you’ll get when you think you’re taking it out on your superior on one of those bad days.

Street Fighter II Mousou voice command keychain set

The controller-style keychains retail at $9.95 each and come with sound effects for three Street Fighter characters per model respectively. They are currently available on Amazon and if you’re interested to get one you’ll want to proceed to the individual sales page for each version below.