Can’t get kids to stay at their desks to study? Chain their legs to a prison-style ball then! That is exactly what this gadget is all about. A heavy ball-and-chain combo with a timer that releases the lock automatically after a predetermined amount of time has been depleted.

study ball

The study ball is probably the last resort to be used when all else fails on a hyperactive child or rebellious teenager who refuses to stay at the study desk. The 20.95-pound weight makes sure anyone locked to it can’t escape from the wonderful books easily until time is up. Fortunately an override is available via a tiny safety key for emergencies and bathroom breaks.

This gadget isn’t made just for students in mind though, it can also be used by people who want to instill some discipline into their lifestyle, such as procrastinators who are supposed to work on projects and assignments for long periods on their desktops.

The Study Ball retails for about $115 at curiosite.