sunnyside egg mold 1

Having sunny-side up eggs is an every day morning staple for some, and here’s one egg mold that will make that first important meal of the day look a whole lot better by turning it into a work of art.

sunnyside egg mold 2

sunnyside egg mold 3

The SunnySide egg mold is a mold that makes a perfectly shaped sunny-side up egg every time. In addition to that, it shapes the egg yolk into a sun and cloud combo, with the egg yolk looking like the sun and the white looking like a cloud.

The egg mold comes with an interesting design, the ring that holds the yolk is raised a little higher than the other ring, which allows the yolk to stay in place while the white flows down to form the base and shape of the cloud. When the egg is cooked, you get a tasty-looking sunny-side up fried egg to enjoy for breakfast.

A nice egg mold that will make breakfast a little more interesting.

The SunnySide egg mold retails for $12 from Monkey Business.