retro super famicom earphone with mic 1

Here’s one set of earphones with microphone. Not just any set, but one that is made into the likes of the legendary Nintendo Super Famicom game console.

retro super famicom earphone with mic 2

This super Famicom themed earphones are made in the color scheme just like the classic game console.

It comes in two parts, the first is the detachable earbuds while the second is the microphone cleverly designed to look like the controller, together with a retractable cord. The retractable cord will make it easy to store the cable, therefore there’s no need to get a cord winder to keep them tamed.

A cool earphone and microphone set perfect for a Super Famicom fan.

The Super Famicom earphones with microphone retails for $41 from Japan Trend Shop.