super mario balance block game

There are many ways a game that comes with Super Mario can be played. Not just in the world of game consoles though. Here’s one toy that comes stuff from the world of Super Mario that can be played in real life, a Super Mario balance block game.

The balance block game is played by stacking the blocks made to look like the blocks from the game, into a tower. Next, the players take turns to push the blocks off the tower with the Super Mario stick, a stick with Super Mario right on top, to push the toy blocks off the tower. The last player who tries to move a block just before it collapses is then deemed the loser.

Unlike other balancing block games, this Super Mario balancing block game comes with power-up mushrooms that are placed among the blocks in the tower, making it just a big more challenging.

A cool toy that will be perfect for playing with friends and family, even more so with a bunch of Super Mario fans.

The Super Mario balance block game retails for 2,125 yen from CD Japan.