super mario bamboo-magnets 1

super mario bamboo magnets 2

If you happen to have some space available on a metal surface somewhere like a whiteboard or fridge door for a bit of decorating, this set of Super Mario bamboo magnets look ready to fit the bill.

These are sprites from the Nintendo game Super Mario Brothers that have been printed not just on anything, but from bamboo pieces! A magnet has been attached to each piece of nicely printed bamboo so that it’ll be magnetically attracted to most metal surfaces, allowing you to recreate those memorable scenes from the classic Mario games.

Not only do they look perfect for a retro gaming geek’s room, the bamboo pieces almost provide that little bit of zen feel to any living space. The bamboo Super Mario magnets are available in various sets ranging from $50-$150 at Aristomatic’s Etsy shop, all waiting to be assembled into that next big masterpiece.