super mario blocks sound bank 1

Here’s a piggy bank that comes with the look of the blocks in Super Mario games. Though they are small, they still possess the capability to produce difference Super Mario in-game sound effects whenever a coin is dropped into it.

super mario blocks sound bank 2

While the Super Mario sound bank don’t come as a large container like typical piggy banks that can store many coins (max. 15pcs 100 yen coins), the considerably small size of the blocks also mean that a bunch of them can be stacked together to recreate a nice Super Mario scene on a desk or along a shelf.

The bonus is that besides looking good enough for use as decorations, they will also be useful for storing spare change that can be used for getting drinks from a vending machine nearby.

The Super Mario Blocks sound bank piggy banks will be released in Japan on May 10 2011 at a price of 399 yen each.