super mario scene fish tank aquarium 1

When we think about games such as the classic Super Mario Brothers, we will usually think of them as a video game that is bound by the confines of a display such as a TV screen. Gamers who have played the game in the past will surely have no problem recognizing scenes from the game, particularly from the first few levels.

super mario scene fish tank aquarium 2

Here’s a scene made to look like it’s from Super Mario game. However it isn’t found within a TV screen, but in real life within a real aquarium with swimming fish. It does seem to capture the essence of the game with the addition of elements such as the floating bricks, question mark boxes, a Goomba and a green pipe that looks wide enough for the fishes to swim through if they wanted to. Not forgetting the finishing flag, the castle and the backdrop of the game with HUDs such as score and time left making it a pretty complete Super-Mario themed fish tank.

Watch the video of the Super Mario fish tank aquarium in action below.



Too bad it’s inhabitants aren’t involved in any form of Super Mario cosplay though. A fish dressed up as Bowser will definitely spice things up in this Super Mario fish tank.