super mario thwomp plush cushion

Remember good old Thwomp? This is the fearsome looking block of cube-looking boulder that sits at the top of the screen and tries to turn Super Mario into a flat pancake. Unfortunately he is unable to do that for now since he has turned into a soft and huggable plush cushion.

The Thwomp plush cushion looks pretty cool, as this hard piece of rock is in perfect contrast with its form as a cushion. Just like some games, the adversaries of the main character have become pretty likable and able to set off fan followings of their own.

Perhaps not as popular as the other characters like the piranha plant or the Goomba to Super Mario fans in general; Thwomp still does seem to have quite a bit of appeal in the eyes of a Super Mario geek.

The Super Mario Thwomp plush cushion retails for $38.32 from Amazon.