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In the classic game Super Mario Bros, Super Mario is represented by a set of 8-bit colored pixels that make up his sprite. Here, with have modder Brad Slattery who has remade this game by turning it into a handheld version in a really simple form where many of the interactive objects in the game like Mario himself are represented by single pixels on a display board no bigger than 8 by 8 pixels.

super pixel brothers handheld game 2

super pixel brothers handheld game 3

How the pixels can be identified is by the color and the position or way they move. Those who know the Mario game will certainly find it surprisingly familiar, despite the simplicity of the graphics of the game. It even follows quite closely the original game, so for those who have played the original version many times over will have no trouble picturing the actual game screen in their minds.

Watch the video of Super Pixel Brothers Handheld game in action:



super pixel brothers electronic board

Interesting project where Brad has made it open source on this page so anyone is free to download the necessary blueprints and programming codes for making their own Super Pixel Brothers handheld gaming machine or for submitting their custom programmed game levels to.