retro brick style iphone case

One of the earliest form of mobile phones came in a brick-like shell that coincidently weighs almost as much as a real brick. The phones of now have pretty much been miniaturized thanks to the advances in technology but this is one iPhone case that wants to bring that part of history back.

This is one super retro novelty iPhone case that turns the iPhone into one huge brick-style cellphone from the past. Using one of these while talking on the iPhone will ensure long and weird stares as you walk along the streets.

An iPhone case like this sure does bring one back to the days of 1980’s. A couple of bonuses that come with this brick-style case is that it works as a stand for the iPhone in both portrait and landscape mode and also helps to protect the iPhone from scratches and bumps thanks to its excessive size. Last but not least, it’ll be nearly impossible to lose sight of your iPhone when it’s so big.

The retro 1980’s brick-style cellphone iPhone case is compatible with both iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 and goes for £12.95 at Prezzybox.