cm1 card phone

This card shaped phone with height and width dimensions similar to the size of a credit card was spotted at CommunicAsia 2011 and also Computex Taipei 2011. While it isn’t a smartphone, this ultra-portable mobile phone does come with basic features of a mobile phone with quad-band GSM connectivity.

The size of the card phone sports the height and width dimensions of a standard sized credit card and weighs only 38 grams, although it is much thicker so it’ll add quite some bulk if you somehow manage to fit it into the card slot of a wallet. However, the no frills design will make it convenient for travel or for use as a secondary mobile phone.

This card-shaped phone called the CM1 card phone measures 85.5mm x 55.6mm x 6.9mm and comes with quad-band GSM connectivity. It is also able to hold 500 contacts, has a clock/alarm function and also a built-in calculator. All that which is pretty much what one would expect from a very simple and basic mobile phone. For the charging adaptor, a similar card-shape design is also adopted.

Watch the video of the CM1 Card Phone in action:



Certainly one convenient phone to carry around if one only needs basic phone call features from their mobile phone without being dragged down by power-draining apps.

The super slim card phone is now available for $28.80 per set from