origami mobile phone 1origami mobile phone 2

As components of electronics shrink in size day by day thanks to the advancement of technology, here’s one that designer Chengyuan Wei has envisioned for the future – an origami mobile phone that can be folded for use from a flat piece of material such as paper or plastic.


As seen in the conceptual product sketch-up, most of the electronic parts needed to make a mobile phone these days can be made flat so the concept of such a phone is pretty much not too far off in the realm of science fiction. However, in more realistic terms an origami mobile phone like this will have to deal with battery life and the lack of a display screen for a proper user-interface.

Perhaps the problem of power source can be solved by using thin solar cells and batteries though it will somehow turn it into an emergency phone of sorts that can be packed in a space-saving manner within a first-aid kit together with camping or hiking equipment.

The simple design and dedicated function of this origami mobile phone does make it stand out from the myriad of smartphones found in the market today, which are packed with features other than for making phone calls.