sushi earphones and cable organizer 1

Can’t get enough of sushi? Now you can get a pair of earphones that looks just like this Japanese delicacy.

sushi earphones and cable organizer 2

This pair of earbuds work just like a pair of earphones, but comes in a really different look. Each side of the earbuds don’t even look like earphones but instead mini pieces of delicious-looking sushi. The earphones will fit practically any device with a 3.5mm audio jack output, such as smartphones, portable media players, and tablets PCs.

The sushi earphones also comes with a cord organizer, which is a pouch with a pocket in the middle and two holes of either ends allowing the earphone cable to pass through. This allows extra cable in the middle to be stored neatly in the giant sushi cord organizer pouch, instead of dangling around and getting tangled with itself or cables from other gadgets.

A cute pair of tasty-looking earphones that comes with a useful accessory.

Just don’t be surprised if people give you hungry looks right after taking a glace in the direction of your ears.

The sushi earphone and cable organizer retails for $20 from Moma Store.