svintus mutated pink piggy power strip 1

Here’s one power strip that doesn’t look like a power strip at all. In fact it looks just like a pink piggy that has been mutated. Instead of a face, all this pink piggy has is a set of legs and an excessive amount of snouts that cover its entire body. Not forgetting the curly pig tail that’s actually the main wire going to the AC mains wall outlet.

svintus mutated pink piggy power strip 2

svintus mutated pink piggy power strip 3

While this mutated pink piggy can look a little freaky, the snouts do come with a purpose. They are all usable two-pin EU outlets that can support electrical appliances. The cute round shape and pink body sure does add quite a significant amount of cuteness to balance it all out.

A circuit breaker within the pink piggy power strip will also protect from power overload, considering the number of available power outlets on this device.

The Svintus pink piggy power strip is currently a concept design by Art. Lebedev Studios. One cool power strip that not only looks cute but also functional in homes.