swissarmius swiss army knife cutlery holder 1

Here’s one holder that is made to resemble the classic Swiss Army Knife, but doesn’t actually work like its original counterpart.

swissarmius swiss army knife stationery holder 2

The Swissarmius is a holder that is made for holding cutlery and kitchen tools. It is not for carrying around, as it’s designed to be a holder and storage solution for just about any item that fits within its compartments.

When placed in the kitchen, it can be used as a cutlery and utensil holder, on an office desk it can be made to function as a stationery holder and desk tidy. The cool part about this design is that when long items are placed into it, they lay along the edge at an angle making it look like a giant Swiss Army knife with its tools out.

A useful and interesting-looking item holder that is suitable for the home and office.

The Swissarmius cutlery and stationery holder retails for about $40 from Art. Lebedev Studio.