swivel knife block tablet stand combo 1

A knife block is a wooden block with slots for storing knives, a tablet stand is a stand that props up a tablet for hands-free usage. Put the two together and you get a knife block and tablet stand combo.

swivel knife block tablet stand combo 2

This is the Swiss Army knife block by Victorinox which is the maker of the famous Swiss Army knives. This block is made not only for storing knives, but also as a tablet stand. With this in the kitchen, you’ll always have a tablet stand ready to prop up your tablet to kill time or to refer to recipes as you prepare dishes for a meal.

The entire stand is built to swivel, so there is no need to struggle to spin the knife block around to switch between the two sides.

Watch the video of the Swivel Knife Block in action below:



A useful 2-in-1 kitchen gadget that is perfect for those who regularly get into the kitchen to prepare or to perfect their dishes.

The Swivel Knife Block retails for $50.45 from Amazon.