float table magnetic wooden cube table 1

Tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and here’s one that is made to boggle the mind. The blocks are arranged in a cube, but none of them touch each other and seem to be magnetically floating in the air.

float table magnetic wooden cube table 2

float table magnetic wooden cube table 3

This is a table called the ‘Float Table’ that is made from a bunch of wooden cubes. Each of the wooden cubes are made to be magnetic, and arranged in a way that they repel the adjacent blocks. Around the blocks that are guide wires that keep the blocks from falling apart, therefore it is capable of changing its shape slightly to accommodate the weight applied to it making it look like a living object.

Watch the video of the Float Table in action below:



A unique-looking and beautifully designed table that displays the principle of magnetism in a very different way while serving its purpose as a table.

More info about the Float Table at its product page.