tablecloth trick arcade game

This is a really creative and unique tablecloth arcade game spotted in Japan. It’s definitely the first one of its type I’ve ever seen. The game involves the classic trick seen in various performances around the world (and in our own homes) known as the tablecloth trick. With this, people can now pull off this seemingly impossible tablecloth trick safely without even making a mess.

tablecloth trick arcade game close-up

The trick involves a scientific principle known as inertia. If the table cloth is pulled quickly and correctly, the tableware will stay in place even after it has been drawn away. I usually suck at these sort of games, so I guess I’ll probably need more than one try to pass the first stage if I do happen try this game in Japan.

Meanwhile, if you really feel the urge to try it yourself you can learn a few tips from this video teaching you the fine essence of performing the classic tablecloth trick successfully.



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