tablettail whale kit tablet stand 1

Here’s one tablet stand that turns your tablet into a whale. Not a fully formed whale, but one that comes with a whale’s tail.

tablettail whale kit tablet stand 2

The stand consists of a suction cup that is the contact point with the stand, and the tail end which can either act as a grip or as a support for the tablet for propping it up.

With the suction cup secured to the back of the tablet, the tail can be wedged between the fingers of one hand, while the fingers can cup over the dome for stability. This makes it easy to hold, compared to using two hands to carry the tablet.

When there’s a need to use it hands-free, simply set it on a flat surface and the bottom of the tablet together with the end of the tail, will be able to keep it upright for watching movies.

An interesting anime-themed tablet stand attachment that is practical to use as well as a nice-looking decorative accessory.

The TabletTail Whale Kit tablet stand retails for $39.99 from Amazon.