tactile gamepad iphone case 1

One of the gripes about gaming with a touchscreen smartphone like the iPhone is the lack of tactile feedback of gaming controls such directional keys and buttons if the game needed any. Of course this wouldn’t matter if the game was simple enough it only needed basic touch input or controlled via the accelerometer.

tactile gamepad iphone case 2

tactile gamepad iphone case 3

However for more complex games, it will be absolute gaming heaven if the controls could somehow be made off-screen, leaving space for more graphics on the display screen and allowing the user to play more challenging games with ease with a controller-style gamepad.

This tactile gamepad iPhone case designed by Alan Li comes in two parts, where each part goes on either side of the iPhone. On the left, a directional pad and on the right a section that houses four controller buttons.

With a design like this, it essentially turns the iPhone into a PSP contender. Though playing games with the prospect of getting interrupted by text messages and phone calls is still an annoyance for a hardcore gamer, it does feel much better to play games with a gamepad compared to using touch controls on the relatively small display screen of the iPhone.

The length of the iPhone with the controller casing does have an advantage over the length of the iPhone especially in landscape mode, as it allows both hands to hold the iPhone and gamepad at a more comfortable length. One cool iPhone gamepad case design we hope to see make its way into the market soon.