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Twilight Themed Xbox 360

This Twilight themed custom Xbox 360 case was spotted on eBay going for a starting bid of $50 AUD. The Xbox 360 case comes in black with ...

Playstation 3 Cake

Amazing Playstation 3 cake made by Creative Cake Factory on flickr. Comes with two controllers and game covers made of crispy treats.

PS3 Slim Gets Disassembled

Forget about PS3 Slim unboxings, the people from iFixit have done better by dismantling the entire PS3 slim console for our curious eyes. Definitely ...

Xbox 360 Controller Bento Lunch

Interesting idea here, an Xbox 360 inspired bento lunch set made by flickr user Laura Bento. Definitely a superb and appetizing meal for her husband and even ...

Xbox 360 Controller Pillow

A perfect addition to the gamer's couch, an Xbox 360 controller pillow that is. Crafty Heidi made this as a birthday present for Joe, presumably her boyfriend. ...

PS3 Slim Unboxed

The PS3 gaming community has something to cheer for again. Moments after the PS3 slim has been announced for a September 2009 release, it has already been ...