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BaconPOP Bacon Flavored Popcorn

  Many will agree that everything tastes better with bacon and that’s probably true with this BaconPOP bacon flavored popcorn! If popcorn is already good enough on its ...

Knitted Chinese Takeaway

Mmm, check out this knitted Chinese takeaway, complete with chow mein and shrimp. Every Chinese takeaway box just isn’t cute enough without a pair of eyes and ...

Pet Cinema Lounge

Pets are really lucky these days, with tons of toys from their owners and even psychiatrists to deal with their problems. Here’s one to add to the ...

Mini DV iPhone Stand

Here’s a good way to get an iPhone stand for free. If you have one of these mini dv tapes lying around, simply use the case and ...

Brütal Legend Cake

Beautifully made cake of the recently released Brütal Legend game. Always great when baking and gaming come together.

Lego Arcade 2

  Lego Arcade is back again with games from the 80's such as: Dig Dug, Centipede, Pong, Rally-X and Galaga. Awesome stop-motion video series made from Lego bricks. ...

Darth Vader Car

Cool image of Darth Vader on the hood of a Honda Civic. Looks like we have a true Star Wars geek there.
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