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Sushi Candy Making Kit

The video that shows how anyone at home can make sushi candy with this candy-making kit will surely appeal to those who love to create stuff. To put ...

3D Sushi iPhone Case

When it comes to iPhone cases, it’s usually designs that come printed on the cases. Not for this sushi iPhone case, it actually comes with realistic-looking sushi that ...

Amazing Sushi Cupcakes

Sushi is usually meant for a meal, and cupcakes for dessert. However, these sushi cupcakes are totally not what they look like on the ...

Sushi Slippers

Slippers made to look like pieces of sushi. The pair of slippers you can almost eat.

Lego Sushi

I remember I just had a craving for sushi the other day and not long ago I came across these. A sushi set made entirely from Lego pieces! ...